Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Daylen Sketch

Made some corrections to the sketch and am calling this one finished.  

This morning's sketch of Daylen.  As can be seen I have the angles wrong on his features - the length from the top of the head to his forehead is a bit too long and some work needs to be done on his ear. 

Thanks everyone for the comments each of you have left on the different posts.  You are appreciated.


RHCarpenter said...

You're going to do a great portrait of him - he's such a cutie! And I have to say LOVE THAT MOOSE on your top banner!!

mollie jones said...

Great portrait of the little guy, Ann. Love his eyes.

Nora Mackin said...

I think he is cute too. Are you going to try and paint him next.

Ann Buckner said...

Thanks Mollie and Nora. The consensus on this one by my family/critics was "more darks."