Sunday, August 03, 2008

Brillante Weblog Award

See what happens when one leaves the computer for awhile. I come back and have a comment from RH Carpenter (Rhonda) of Watercolor and Words that she has awarded me this along with six other people. Rhonda has been an on-line artist friend for several years, having met through Wet Canvas.

The rules are that if the persons receiving the award decides to participate, they must:
1 - Put the logo on their blog
2 - Add a link to the person who gave them the award
3 - Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4 - Add links to those blogs on yours
5 - Leave a message on each of the blogs nominated.

My nominees are:

1 - Larry Seiler, Painting from Life.
2 - Diane Mize, Compose.
3 - Qiang Huang, A Daily Painter.
4 - Dawn at Vulture Cafe.
5 - Dean at Deano's Den.
6 - Anita Davies
7 - Celeste Vaught Art

I could give you all kinds of reasons for choosing these blogs but the main ones are: I like their work, their joy in what they do and, enjoy reading their blogs. I hope you will too!


Dianne Mize said...

Ann, thank you so much. Sharing my thoughts and art work is such a pleasure for me that it's a joy to know other folks enjoy what I do. I really feel honored.

Dawn said...

An honor to be sure Ann! thank you very much!

Deborah A. Léger said...

Congratulations Ann! I'm off now to check out your seven.....

Ann Buckner said...

My pleasure Diane & Dawn.

Thanks Deb, same to you!